Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Wilson,

WOW! You are turning 2 BIG BOY! The last year FLEW by, and so much happened. You learned to walk, run, and talk! You are still my sweet snuggly Wilson! I cannot tell you how precious and fun you are and how blessed I am to be your mommy! Your big blue eyes and sweet smile melt my heart every day. You love to play outside with your "big trucks," play with all your trains, and play hide and seek with daddy (you love it when daddy scares you!) I love our special "Mommy and Wilson" time when I put you to bed- we read books, say our prayers, and sing songs- I will never forget these special moments we share on a daily basis. I dont know what I would do without your daily hugs and kisses! You are my sweetheart Wilson, and daddy I continue to pray that the Lord will keep you safe and healthy and that you see HIM and give HIM Glory for everything. We love you with all of our hearts and look forward to you enjoying being the BIG 2!! I hope you have fun at your "Thomas the Train" party and spending time with family and friends. You are LOVED BABY BOY!!

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