Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dear Wilson,

WOW! You are turning 2 BIG BOY! The last year FLEW by, and so much happened. You learned to walk, run, and talk! You are still my sweet snuggly Wilson! I cannot tell you how precious and fun you are and how blessed I am to be your mommy! Your big blue eyes and sweet smile melt my heart every day. You love to play outside with your "big trucks," play with all your trains, and play hide and seek with daddy (you love it when daddy scares you!) I love our special "Mommy and Wilson" time when I put you to bed- we read books, say our prayers, and sing songs- I will never forget these special moments we share on a daily basis. I dont know what I would do without your daily hugs and kisses! You are my sweetheart Wilson, and daddy I continue to pray that the Lord will keep you safe and healthy and that you see HIM and give HIM Glory for everything. We love you with all of our hearts and look forward to you enjoying being the BIG 2!! I hope you have fun at your "Thomas the Train" party and spending time with family and friends. You are LOVED BABY BOY!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year! We went to Sevierville and spent 4 days with my family and then spent Christmas day at the Dream Come True Farm with Ryan's family. Wilson LOVED opening all his presents, and screaming out "THOMAS!!" I can hear him in the living room playing with all of his toys now!!
The Lord has overwhelmingly blessed my family this year! We have had a great time in the Boro as Ryan finished school and spending time with Liz and the boys. As I reflect it's amazing to see how God has taken care of us in so many ways! We couldn't of gone through the last year without mine and Ryan's parents. I could cry to think about the love and support they gave us! God is so GOOD and I give ALL the Glory to Him! I am looking forward to see what the Lord has for us back at our house in Maryville in 2011!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Day in a Life...

Wow, it has been a while so this will be a short and sweet "A DAY IN A LIFE OF THE SHEPHERDS." We moved to M'boro in January for Ryan to get his Master's! And well he did! He graduated with Honors on Dec. 18th, I am so proud of him. The last year has consisted of us getting through school, me working part time, Ryan working two jobs, and Wilson starting pre-school. He has loved attending Northside Preschool! So with a boy our days are spent having fun playing outside (with Carter and Mason), playing with tractors and trains and of course riding our dirtbikes around the apartment! Wilson is talking like crazy and has the funnest personality! We are moving back to our house in Maryville in January and Ryan will fly until he gets an Air Traffic Control Job which will take about a year or so. God has continually blessed our lives with friends and family! I never want to take for granted a second with my precious family. I love my boys!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Did you miss me? This summer has been so crazy!! Do you ever feel like sometimes you GO, GO, AND THEN GO some more and then you get to the point where you STOP and your frozen but everything else around you keeps going?? That is where I am now!! Ryan is back in school, still working his two jobs which includes his crazy flying schedule and I am still working Part Time. Wilson started his first week at PreSchool at Northside Baptist (BITTERSWEET) so needless to say it has been an emotional time for MOMMA!! Time flies when all you feel like you do is work out everyone's schedule!! Ill post pics soon of this crazy summer!! Have a great week!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It has been over a week since my last post. I hope you missed me!! I will let the pictures show you how precious and sweet my new little neice is, I am such a proud auntie!! I spent all last week with her and when I left my sister made the comment now they may actually be able to spend some time with THEIR daughter. What can I say, I am crazy in love with my precious neices and nephews!!

Isabella Shea Boyce was born Tuesday, July 6th weight 6 lbs and 12.4 ounces and 18 inches long! She is our little Pocahontas Baby, beautiful! Snow White Olivia calls her Cinderella Isabella!

My sis is so gorgeous!!

Sleeping Beauty!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Lillie Girl

Today I am sad! I am spending my last day with My Lillie Girl. I have praying the last few weeks about giving Lillie away but would wait as long as it took to find the 'perfect mommy and home.' The Lord provided-I am taking her over to her new home this evening with mixed emotions. I really have a Peace about this and I know in the long run it's best for Lillie. We are hardly ever home and I know when the timing comes for a new little Shepherd it would be even tougher giving attention to Lillie. She gave me love and companionship while Ryan was gone on flights and she would lay on my belly when I was preggo!! We had 4 wonderful years with her and I have cherished every moment. I am glad we will be able to visit her often!! Keep me in my prayers as I say goodbye tonight! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010